Be sure you’re taking full advantage of Social Security!

Did you know, the Washington Post reports nearly 11,000 baby boomers retire every day? With such high numbers, Social Security is more important than ever.

But not in the way many so-called financial experts would have you believe. A recent CNBC study shows 84 percent of respondents know their benefits will be reduced if they claim them early. So, conventional wisdom says they should wait because their monthly payouts could nearly double from ages 62 to 70.

At SureWealth Solutions, there’s a different way to maximize your Social Security benefits – and it’s not by waiting until you’re 70 to claim them.

Make your Social Security benefits work for you at 62!

That’s right, we tell our clients they should claim their Social Security payments when they’re 62 if they need the money to cover current life expenses. Or, if they don’t immediately need the money, we can help our clients grow those benefit payments in multiple ways – for example, investing that money into a GTD (“good-til-date”) account with annual compounding interest. Or perhaps directing a portion of their benefits into an invest-grade life insurance policy. Either way, you’re in charge of the money you deserve.

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