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Scott McRae and Andy Daniels founded SureWealth Solutions to help people’s wealth last through a happy and fruitful retirement. SureWealth offers non-traditional strategies proven to work. It’s time for guarantees, not guesswork. Let’s talk today.

Scott McRaeScott McRae


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“I’ve seen a lot in the last 30 years in this industry and have applied the best of the best to the SureWealth philosophy – leaving old, non-effective strategies behind. I’m committed to helping you create a stream of guaranteed income for life. Trust, Loyalty, and Teamwork are the values I bring to my work with you so that your wealth last through retirement and funds a life you enjoy.”

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Andy DanielsAndy Daniels


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“I am inspired by the opportunity to help you  grow your wealth without the unnecessary risk and volatility of stocks, real estate, and other traditional investments. With SureWealth, you take control of your finances to reach your financial goals and dreams. What we do has been called a ‘secret weapon’ by our clients. Let us be that for you.”

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Richard B. SimpsonRichard B. Simpson

SureWealth Advisor

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Richard brings more than 30 years’ experience in the wealth planning industry to SureWealth Solutions. He specializes in securities for SureWealth and shares the firm’s no-nonsense approach to investment. “I always try to see beyond the hype and not waste clients’ time with smoke and mirrors. I take a straightforward approach that bucks the status quo and always puts clients’ needs first.”

Rick DurfeeRick Durfee

Partner Resource

Meet Rick, an accomplished attorney with an extensive background in integrated financial planning. Rick serves as the ideal resource for any client in their retirement investment journey. Through SureWealth, he is here to ensure clients are prepared for the retirement they deserve. Rick’s motto: “Live Well, Leave a Legacy”.