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We know we offer leading-edge financial strategies and proven results. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say.

“Scott was the voice of reason when all I was hearing was insanity. In 2010, Scott and I met. I was so frustrated with trying to prepare for retirement. All the ‘conventional wisdom’ wanted me to lock away my money, gambling with it in stock markets. Having survived the dot-com crash, I felt there had to be a better way. Scott showed me that way. He has been a steady source of encouragement and ideas for growth, helping me make sure my family was protected and prepared for retirement, at the same time making sure I had access to assets that let me take advantage of opportunities that came up as life happened. I’m now very comfortable with my retirement plan, and I’m looking forward to working with Scott in the upcoming years to transition into that retirement. Scott was the guide I needed to get me through all the mess and confusion. My only regret is not having found him 20 years sooner!”

~ Robert Davidson

“Scott has been our wealth coach since 1996 and has focused on our family and our changing financial needs. Scott is constantly learning new strategies and making recommendations to help us build our wealth. When we contact him he is quick to respond and answer our question. Scott has proven time and time again he can meet the challenges of the financial investment world and make a positive difference. We’ve been extremely happy customers for 27 years!”

~ Michelle & Mike Murtha

“I was selling my company and getting ready to retire in 2018. I didn’t have any idea who to call or where to go to find help I could trust. I was told about Scott through a friend that had been using him as a financial advisor. He said that Scott had helped them tremendously. I was told he did things differently. I was not a fan of the stock market because of the swings in stock value. I wanted something that was more stable. I contacted Scott and he listened to my needs and gave me options that would create a steady income and some options where interest would accrue over a few years. There was never any pressure from Scott to choose any product. All the options that he offered did not require me to pay Scott a fee. I decided to use Scott and he has been the best decision that I could have made for my retirement investments. I have been using Scott for 4 ½ years and highly recommend him. He has been a blessing to me!”

~ Don Elliott

“I met Scott about 14 years ago. I was disenchanted with the stock market after the 2008-2009 debacle and was looking for an alternative.After a few discussions with Scott about utilizing a banking function with investment-grade, maximum-funded whole life insurance, I decided this was something I wanted to try. We purchased our first two whole life insurance policies at that time. It’s turned out to be one of the best financial decisions I would make. I currently have six policies.

After Scott helped me with this concept, we started discussing other investments I had in the stock market. I had a couple of IRAs third to the market that hadn’t really done that well. Scott got me into an IRA that guarantees it won’t lose money. This was something I would never have found on my own.

Then, he suggested another financial investment through something called a private lending contract. It’s a guaranteed return on my investment of 8.5%. I repeat, GUARANTEED. Try to find that in the stock market. Again, something I would not have found if not for Scott.

Scott has been a godsend since we first met. I retired at 60, all thanks to Scott. I truly believe had I not worked with Scott I would have worked until I was 65. If you’re looking for someone to help with your financial future, you should look no further than Scott McRae. Thanks, Scott, for all you’ve done for me.”


p class=”testimonial_name”>~ Kendal Flygstad

“I met Scott over 10 years ago when he helped me purchase a whole life policy. Over the years, he has been very responsive to my questions about my policy and has been very helpful to me in getting the most out of my policy. He is very knowledgeable and accessible.”

~ Dr. Tom Barton

“We love the idea of saving on fees, simplifying and having the money invested safely! And also to have paid the taxes now so the wealth grows tax free.

I’m glad we’re also taking advantage of Peter’s matching 401(k) and seeing a few reasons to contribute to traditional IRAs in a higher tax bracket year and then transfer them to the Roths in a lower bracket year. But I’m also remembering Scott’s comment that taxes are likely to only go up and I don’t want to wish for lower tax bracket years. It’s great to have all this moving forward!”


p class=”testimonial_name”>~ Beth and Peter

“I have been a firefighter/paramedic for 20 years. Historically, firefighters have always had defined benefit pensions, and I was no exception – until 2008. Our pension system was changed from a defined benefit to a defined contribution, which meant my future retirement was all based on how the stock market would be performing 30 years in the future. I was smart enough to know that wasn’t a good plan because too many people had been burned using a defined contribution for their retirement planning by having 20%-50% of their life savings wiped out just when they were getting ready to say goodbye to their steady income. That change in retirement plans sent me on a seven-year research project to find a solution for my own retirement. I looked at pretty much everything and what I found was that none of these strategies were guaranteed.

Because of the amount of research I conducted, I signed up for quite a few financial newsletters. One day I received a random email that was describing everything I had been looking for – tax-advantaged savings, guaranteed interest with the opportunity for bigger growth, liquidity if needed, and predictable future income for retirement.
“Too good to be true,” I thought to myself. But that one email opened up an entire world of finance that I never knew existed. Well, I guess I knew it existed, but I never gave it any attention because all the so-called “experts” told me not to waste my time. “Those guys just want to sell you something because they make a huge commission.”

What I didn’t know is that commission didn’t come out of my pocket, so why should I care? The other thing I didn’t know was that the very people harping on someone else making a commission were the very people charging me management fees that I had to pay whether they made me money – or lost my money. That didn’t seem fair.

Continuing in my research I came across Scott McRae. During our first conversation he showed me concepts that blew my mind because they were so simple and grounded in common sense, but no one else had ever explained them to me. Why? Because it really all came down to how people like Scott make their living. He takes huge cuts in commissions by setting up plans that are guaranteed to work, while others risk your money so they can continue collecting “management” fees. And I use the term “management” very loosely, because no one is really “managing” your money at those big firms. They “set it and forget it.”

Scott set up a predictable plan for me that made total sense. However, my skeptical nature still wouldn’t let me believe it. So I hopped in my car one morning after getting off duty from the fire house and drove seven hours to Arkansas in a torrential downpour just to make sure he wasn’t some Bernie Madoff type sitting in an overpriced office somewhere.

Nope. He was exactly the same guy that I liked talking to so much on the phone. However, even that wasn’t enough to skew my skepticism. I had two reasons for my next decision of becoming an advisor myself: 1. If this is real, I know I cannot be the only person having this problem, so maybe I can help some other people. 2. I wanted to see if he was hiding anything on the “other side of the table.”

Everything Scott had told me turned out to be true. To the performance of the plan, all the way down to how much money he earned for helping me, it had all checked out. Needless to say, I was blown away that there were still honest people in the financial world. So, I went ahead and took the entrepreneurial leap and started my own firm under the guidance and mentorship of Scott. And it’s been one of the most important decisions of my life for so many reasons.

If you are considering doing business with Scott McRae, I will tell you from my personal experience that he has not only been a complete blessing in my financial life, but I consider him a friend. I don’t’ think you’re going to find more of a straight shooter than Scott McRae. And if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what you’re looking for!”


p class=”testimonial_name”>~ Marty Becker

“I have had several investment accounts with Scott McRae over the years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my retirement. He is always on my side and will get things straightened out if there is a problem. He is the nicest guy in the world but he will stand up and take care of his customers if there is a problem. I have sent several people to him and they found him to be very professional. Scott is highly recommended by me. Before I met Scott, I had several other investors investing my money and I lost thousands. With Scott, I have never lost a dime.”

~ Robert Harris

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