McRae, Daniels offer tax strategies for retirement planning

SureWealth Solutions

Financial strategists Scott McRae and Andy Daniels of SureWealth Solutions consult with clients year-round about potential tax implications for their retirement investments, but they see tax season as an ideal time to offer tips to anyone who wants to avoid a rude surprise during their “golden years.”

As they point out in their eBook, “The SureWealth Way,” traditional financial advice tells people to defer taxes on investments until they retire – but is that really a smart strategy?

“Investors are encouraged to defer taxes without seriously considering their potential impact when they spend their money,” McRae and Daniels write. “Investors are also assured ‘your tax rate will be lower when you retire,’ when the opposite might be true. (Who thinks taxes are going down or that they’ll be easier to pay after you stop working? And who wants less income anyway: why not more?)”

This common-sense approach to taxes is in line with the overall philosophy of SureWealth Solutions. Founded by McRae and Daniels, SureWealth shows clients a different way of retirement investing that avoids the typical buy-and-hold wealth-building strategy. They believe a person’s hard-earned retirement assets should never be lost to the whims of the market, government intervention or catastrophic events. They work to insulate a client’s wealth from market instabilities and taxation through direct investment and wealth-building strategies, such as secured lending and creating their own stores of capital and private pensions.

McRae is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, while Daniels works out of the Kansas City, Missouri area. However, their reach extends far beyond their respective communities, with clients nationwide.

If you’d like to interview McRae and/or Daniels for an alternative voice in your tax season – or any financial and retirement – news coverage, please contact Jason Keese at [email protected].