SureWealth offers new angle on retirement investing

SureWealth Solutions

The headlines are dominated with news about the volatility of the stock market. SureWealth Solutions offers an alternative story.

The financial advising firm, founded by Scott McRae and Andy Daniels, focuses on showing clients a different way of retirement investing that avoids the typical buy-and-hold wealth-building strategy. McRae and Daniels believe a person’s hard-earned retirement assets should never be lost to the whims of the market, government intervention or catastrophic events.

They work to insulate a client’s wealth from market instabilities and taxation through direct investment and wealth-building strategies, such as secured lending and creating their own stores of capital and private pensions.

“When you’re looking at your future, you need to be certain of what’s coming,” said McRae, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial advising industry. “I think that’s our purpose. Our clients can have less stress and just enjoy their lives, which really is the whole point.”

McRae is based in Little Rock, Ark., while Daniels works out of Kansas City, Mo. However, their reach extends far beyond their respective communities.

“We help clients all over the country, every day, get their financial affairs in order so that they can live their retirement in confidence and know exactly how much income they’re going to have,” Daniels said. “We want them to have that confidence that they will have enough income for the rest of their lives.”