Pensions aren’t what they used to be. Be sure you know the risks.

It’s not a good sign when you Google the term “pension crisis” and it kicks out 133 million results. Top of the list these days are the recent bank failures and their devastating impact on some of the largest pensions in the country.

So, beware if you’re counting on pension funds as your steady retirement income. Gone are the days of knowing exactly how many pension dollars you’ll receive when you choose to take your much-deserved retirement. Reliable defined-benefit pension plans have been replaced with defined-contribution plans, such as 401(k)s. As we say in our eBook, “The SureWealth Way,” pensions suffer from “magic-market thinking,” relying on risk and luck to meet obligations.

At SureWealth Solutions, we offer safe, predictable alternatives to pensions.

Take charge of your money!

Unlike traditional pensions, SureWealth strategies protect your principal as it grows, rather than chase unreliable returns. Our strategies don’t rely on guesses and assumptions, the political climate, the mood of the market or government policy. We teach families and individuals to think more like a business and less like a passive consumer. Instead of accumulating money in retirement accounts where it’s ignored, or results are unpredictable, dollars are put to work – the OPPOSITE of a traditional investment account.

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