‘Fortune’ article highlights the need for a new way to think about retirement investing

An article recently published on Fortune.com, “Parents are sacrificing retirement savings to set their Gen Z and millennial kids up for success, and it’s creating a ‘vicious cycle,’” illustrates the need for investors to think beyond the traditional risk-based wealth-building for retirement.

The article, by journalist Megan Leonhardt, cites a survey conducted by Bankrate.com that found more than two in five parents reported helping their children financially at the expense of their retirement savings. For most of these parents, this comes on the heels of yet another massive hit to their retirement savings, thanks to Wall Street.

Retirement accounts make lousy, inefficient emergency funds, as we write in our eBook, “The SureWealth Way.”

At SureWealth Solutions, we deploy strategies that avoid the traditional, risky methods of saving for retirement. We can guarantee your future income and even emergency funds you can tap into if you choose to help a child in need. Even if you don’t make that choice, no one wants to ride the gut-wrenching cycle of the stock market when it comes to retirement savings.

We offer reliable, risk-averse strategies to secure your financial future. For example, guaranteed, predetermined interest payments that assure you know exactly how much retirement income you will have during retirement, no matter how long you and your spouse live and how much you leave to your children.

These strategies can work for you, which means they can also work for your children. Share our strategies with them. What a great way to stop a “vicious cycle” of family financial stress before it starts.

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