Stock market news coverage misses the mark

We read with amusement an article that was recently published in newspapers and on websites nationwide. The headline read, “The S&P 500 Is in a Bull Market. Will It Last?” We had to laugh because the answer is obviously a resounding “no.” The article quotes an “investment analyst” who talks about the “roller coaster” ride for people who place their financial faith in the stock market. The article’s author writes, “When it comes to the stock market, predicting the future is impossible. More gains may be on the way, but we could also see stocks fall again.” Of course stocks will fall again. They always fall again.

Reliable alternatives to riding the Wall Street roller coaster

It’s always disappointing that news articles such as this don’t highlight other options available for investors, especially those planning for retirement. It would be great to see more news coverage about investors who choose to get off Wall Street’s roller coaster instead of living with the motion sickness it causes. At SureWealth Solutions, we offer alternative strategies to build wealth for retirement, such as private lending secured by real estate and annuities provided by top-rated insurance companies. Our methods provide a trusted alterative to the stock market. At SureWealth Solutions, we provide predictable returns.

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Either way, we can tell you the story about reliable investment strategies that don’t grab the headlines. And that’s no joke.