Go from ‘forever taxable’ to ‘never taxable’

Maximize your cash flow

Maximize your cash flow and enjoy the retirement you deserve with the “SureWealth Way.” As detailed in our book of the same title, our financial strategies put you ahead of the curve and help you move your hard-earned money from “forever taxable” to “never taxable.”

Creating usable wealth and cash flow

Contrary to typical financial strategies, the SureWealth Way utilizes a reliable, tax-advantaged cash alternative with multiple benefits and flexibility. It also directs your money into alternative savings vehicles, such as a dividend-paying mutual life insurance policy structured for maximum legal cash value per IRS guidelines. You gain multiple opportunities through investing in alternative savings vehicles, including:

  • Growing your money faster than a savings account.
  • Creating a tax advantage (done correctly, you’ll never pay taxes on the growth).
  • Paying you, the investor, a dividend (while this is not guaranteed, this has been historically reliable for 160+ years).
  • Protecting money from creditors and predators by providing far greater privacy than a bank account.

Other SureWealth Solutions

The SureWealth Way doesn’t kick the “tax can” down the road. We help you move money from “forever taxable” to “never taxable” by:

  • Leveraging Roth IRAs.
  • Operating businesses, even side hustles, to increase tax deductions. (This also allows you to use dividend-paying whole-life insurance for your long-term savings.)
  • Taking advantage of real estate-related tax deductions for homes and rentals.
  • Using temporary loans instead of permanent withdrawals from tax-advantaged environments.

Don’t worry about whether you’ll be able to “turn on the tap” when you retire

Create income along the way, build cash flow, and gain confidence in your financial strategies. To learn more about how SureWealth Solutions helps you earn income for your retirement and invest in safe, never-taxable environments, schedule a free no-obligation consultation today.